About Min Gems

We at Mingems are sincerely committed to offer truly valuable finest quality Ceylon sapphires to our customers. Our sapphires are sourced directly from mines in Sri Lanka and trusted suppliers with whom we have established trade relationships decades ago.  The rough sapphires are further polished and cut to unmatching perfection by skilled artisans and gem cutters.

Mingems Company was founded 60 years ago in the city of gems – Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. With the growing popularity of ceylon sapphires in Europe, our third generation founder Minshaf developed a desire to relocate the operations to Europe and serve global customers. Fulfilling his desire, we moved to the Hatton Garden, London’s iconic jewellery quarter in the year 2014.

Minshaf is dealing with ceylon sapphires from a very young age. His extensive hands-on experience along with the knowledge he acquired from his ancestors made him a specialist in grading sapphires. Our collection of handpicked exotic ceylon sapphires speaks for his expertise.


The Mystical Ceylon sapphires

Sapphires are a gem variety of corundum. The classy color and the magnificent  luster make sapphire the most desired gemstones. Sapphires are produced in many

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Purple Sapphire
Purple Sapphire precious gem variety from the Corundum mineral family
Cornflower Blue Sapphire

Cornflower blue sapphire is the most sought after and highly precious color variety of Blue Sapphire stone


Emerald is a green colored, highly precious gemstone of the Beryl mineral family